About Dr.Veerender Chennoju

Dr Veerender Chennoju is a renowned psychologist with various degrees from multiple universities. Dr Veerender has done his MSc in Psychology from the Kakatiya University, P.G in Psychological Counseling from the IPMS, Mumbai and PG Diploma in Counseling & Guidance from the Annamalai University. He possesses a Masters degree in Philosophy from the Central University of Hyderabad. He has obtained his Master’s and Doctorate in Physics from the Osmania University.

Dr. Veerender has conducted many international workshops and gave a great number of seminars about in the span of 20 years. The following are a few of the prominent international conferences where Dr Veerender was the Lead Speaker.

  • International workshop on “community health” Yogi vemana Univ.Kadapa.2019
  • International world congress of sports, Beharin, 2019.
  • International conference on renaissance of sports, trichy, January, 2019.
  • International conference on Physical education, Bangkok, Thailand 2018.
  • National workshop on youth empowerment, national college, Trichy, TN, 2018
  • National workshop on sports education and sports psychology, University sports, Chennai, TN, 2018
  • International Conference in Physical Education at Gulbarga University-2017.
  • International Conference on Sports Sciences and Physical Edu, OU-2017
  • International Conference in Sports, Yoga and Physical Education: Manipal university, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 2016
  • International Conference on Physical Education and sports: Kakatiya medical college, Warangal, Telangana-2016
  • International Workshop on Sports Science, Osmania University-2016
  • National Conference on Counseling and Guidance, RIE, Mysore, Karnataka.2016
  • International conference on effect of computers in sports education, OU-2016

Dr Veerender has presented a paper on “Effective Counseling Methods on NLP to enhance the performance of players” in Vietnam in the year 2017. In the same year, he has delivered a talk on Effective Counseling Methods to defuse anxiety, pressure to give the best performance by the players in Davao city, Philippines.

He has so far published over 6 Articles in many International Scientific journals and 4 Research articles in the domain of Sports Psychology in reputed international journals.

During the year 2002 -2003, Dr Veerender was a guest scientist/researcher at the Changhua University of Education, Taipei, Taiwan.Before his departure to Taiwan, he addressed over a 1,00,000 students on the topic of “Love Among Teenagers”.

Dr Veerender has so far trained over

  • 3,00,000 Students
  • 50,000 Teachers
  • 30,000 Parents
  • 20,000 Professionals

This unique experience of over 20+ years as a lecturer, counsellor, writer and a trainer dealing with stress, anxiety, coping mechanisms and anti-depression campaigns, is clearly evident in his methods which are therapeutic, experiential and are known to induce useful life-changing results.

Dr Veerender likes to work with the youth and children of this generation more than anything. His primary focus verticals include anger management, overcoming depression, anxiety, fear of failure and suicidal tendencies. His deliverance of coping mechanisms to these issues to both students and parents (on how to help them) are well known within the educational communities that he has served.

As a personal project, Dr Veerender has launched a helpline for students with suicidal tendencies. His awareness campaigns against student suicide and his stress management workshop in the states of Karnataka and AP are well known. Teenage Temptations is another campaign done by him to create awareness for teens.

While these are student-centric, these focal points change according to different age groups. Dr Veerender has played a crucial role in designing the curriculum for the recruitment of SI for the Telangana Police Academy along with inputs on recruiting engineering talent for the government.

Dr Veerender was a panel member and has graced in over 300 different television programs in the past 10 years in various reputed TV Channels. A prolific writer, he has been a regular columnist for prominent newspapers and other publications across the country and abroad too. Apart from them, Dr Veerender has authored many books on various aspects of psychology, students and effects of psychology to clear examinations and life goals etc.,

His warmth and crisp sense of humour coupled with his wisdom and oratory proficiency form his charming personality. His non-judgmental, friendly and non-threatening approaches make it easier for teenagers, parents and professionals to get comfortable with him and to open up.