Objective Of YounMe

YounMe goal is to achieve an outstanding nation by unleashing the potential of every citizen in need and aligning them towards achieving national goals, bringing out the best in each and every one!

Building an outstanding nation is to unleash the hidden potential of every student and align it towards achieving national goals. making them ants to giants. The organization was founded in 1998 and operated by Dr. C.Veerender, A professional counselor, Pioneer in lime lighting the teenage – student problems in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Reputed scientist, A noted Educationist, motivational speaker, columnist and corporate trainer. You & me strongly believes that “There are no steps to climb the Everest” . We are professionals in the field of counseling and training for students , professionals and parents with result-oriented programs full of real-life practice sessions, allowing participants to take the maximum benefit in minimum time. We conduct the best weekend & regular courses for public speaking & personality development in India .The syllabus or contents of the Personality Development course are designed to improve your confidence levels while speaking in public, remove your fears , enhance your delivery techniques and develop your concentration and total personality. you & me trainings are a practical and a motivational tool crafted thoughtfully to ignite the human spirit. You & me feels “sympathy is, I understand how you feel.” “Empathy is, I feel how you feel”. Based on that theory the definition of the winning edge is to achieve excellence rather than perfection, as excellence paves the way for progress. Success and obstacles go hand in hand, success is determined not by the goals we achieve but by the obstacles we overcome to achieve our goals. We train our students in the same path made them very successful in their careers and personal life. our training programmes addresses human behavior and the driving force behind any decision or action that we take. Our decisions and actions determine our success in every aspect of life. Over the years, this method has assisted people to design and lead extraordinary lives both in the professional and personal front. 8 Till today, you and me trained more than 3,00,000 students, in India. Training the farmers to build their self esteem to face the crisis in the life.