When Lal Bahadur shastry gave us the slogan, “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” back in 1965, he was confident on the soldiers to protect the nation and the farmers to feed the nation. Decades later, the very same farmers are suffering heavy losses and taking up drastic measurers to end their lives. Our team at Younme has decided to step forward with their campaign against farmer suicide.

  • Inability to meet the expectations of parents and the institution.
  • Pressure for preparing and qualifying for state-level and national examinations.
  • Peer pressure due to the regular evaluation system in these institutions.

There is a sort of antagonistic atmosphere that is created due to various reasons and every year, around a thousand students end up as victims of suicide in both of these states.

Our teenage suicide awareness program is specially developed to tackle these issues. By bringing about an awareness of the consequences that would be faced, we hope to change these young minds and stop them from spoiling their future.

Our vision is to do a cycle rally on the 300 km highway road between Hyderabad and Amaravathi where we would stop by every district and address the issues and consequences of suicide to students in that area.

It is important for parents and teachers to make an effort to understand their children and accept the degree or extent of calibre and respect them for who they are. To simply put pressure on them and blame them for poor performances in an academic exam further adds to their miseries and makes the situation worse. This may cause them to suffer in silence which can also trigger depression.

On the other hand, students should realise that suicide is not the only option that is left for them. Committing such an act not only destroys their own life but devastates those around them as well. It is important for them to know that there is always help out there! There are many counsellors, psychologists and even friends who are more than willing to help them cope with it.

Our Awareness Program mainly consists of activities such as,

Learning how to say “No”

As trivial as this sounds, this is actually very significant in one’s life. These stress management activities help you realise what is most important in your life. They are specifically designed to relieve stress.

Creative Visualisation

This uplifting experience asks you to sit peacefully in a calm atmosphere and concentrate on your surroundings. In today’s world, we hardly spend time with ourselves. The importance of this simple fact cannot be explained rather, experiencing it for oneself is the best way to understand.

Breathing Exercise

Another simple but powerful exercise, breathing promotes healthy well-being and mindfulness in a person. A healthy state of mind requires a healthy body and a relaxed mind. These belly breathing exercises help to calm down the nervous system.

If you are susceptible or know someone who may have symptoms of depression, please don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call!! Students can call on this number.