Countries such as India record over 10 million cases of stress disorder and another 10 million cases of anxiety disorder every year. In developed countries such as US, the number of documented anxiety cases are 40 million adults (over the age of 18). This accounts to a total of 18% of the entire population.

Stress, Anxiety and depression can it anyone. It does not differentiate between a student, professional, businessman, sports person or even a meek and modest home maker.

There are n number of factors that could lead to anxiety and stress. It could be a failed examination, a lost game, stress and anxiety due to post trauma or just a bad day. Stress always has a compounding effect on an individual’s health.

What are the general ailments for any individual mental health?


A feeling of dejection, non-belongingness and perpetual sadness are a few symptoms of depression. Depression effects the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Psychological counselling helps individuals to cope up with this and regain control over their lives.


A sense of uneasiness, worry, tension and uncertainty out many outcomes all the time are general symptoms of anxiety.


A constant tension of failure, underperformance and non-confidence are a few of the symptoms of Stress. Stress needs psychological attention as it has direct affect on the heart of an individual.


Obsessive Compulsive disorder involves an individual trying to do and re do the same thing over and again, an obsession towards repeating certain patterns or even trying to maintain order even in the slightest of things. Instances of slight err in symmetry of even the slightest of things could also upset these individuals.


Phobias are fears of various kinds. Individuals can get scared or be afraid of even the most mundane of things. Having phobias is a normal occurrence and professional aid can help in controlling and even eliminating said fears too.

In Developing countries such as India, talking about stress or anxiety are considered a taboo and people often get scared to talk about them. It is really important to understand the effect and value of psychological counselling for people who undergo stress.

The best way to deal with stress, anxiety and any depression tendancies associated with it is by talking about it. There is no shame or embarresment associated with sharing with others, what stresses or troubles you. In countries such as Japan, which incorporated mandatory psychological counselling for corporate professionals, the percentage of the number of deaths associated with stress have drastically reduced.

A visit to your psychologist is a small friendly chat to understand what you are feeling and what you can do to alleviate yourself from these troubles.

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