Marriage Counselling

Marriage is one of life’s greatest experiences. It is the beginning of a new way of life-a life together with your significant other. Every man and woman on the threshold of marriage must begin their marriage with the determination to make it successful. But what is it that makes a marriage successful?

The core functions for the working of a marriage may be companionship and belongingness. Today, the tug of war between people associated with marriage is balancing time, budgeting the finances, recognition and freedom. If we look back, human society has sustained till date by partially surrendering their freedom to the society to get security, in exchange for comradeship and familiarity. The same concept can be directly applied to the concept of marriage. It is all about the good things about sharing a home with someone through promises of mutual support, love, care and even a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. But if marriage is such an honourable commitment, why does the divorce rate constantly keep rising? The question here is, what needs to be introspected.

Divorce or the dissolution of a marriage is the final stage of a marriage. It is an ending, cancelling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between two people. India is a country known for its culture and ethics. Surprisingly, India has low divorce rates when compared to almost all other countries in the world. Family and marriage are two institutions that play an important role for an individual in our society. Family is the basic and primary unit of the society where children look up to their parents and grandparents and learn through practice rather than teaching. Children are the future of our nation and as such, it is the responsibility of families to mould them in the right way. You can probably imagine the impact of a divorce on children. They are usually affected in the worst possible way by the separation of their parents.

There are many changes occurring in marriages and families which results in separation or divorce. To help their children, parents should have proper exposure to the needs and interest of the present and present themselves with the right attitude and requirements that are in the favour of their children. Such challenges that pose a threat to the institution of marriage should be tackled by considering marriage counseling. This will bring a belief in children that their parents are adequate enough to guide them in the future while selecting their spouses.

Counseling is a continuous process that implies an identifiable sequence of events that take place over a period of time. Couples with marital problems should consider counseling as it can help provide them with insights into each one’s personalities and inculcate in them the need for a spirit of accommodation and a sense of commitment and responsibility. It is aimed at bringing harmony into the discordant home life of individuals.