Marriage Trends And Challenges

Marriage is a pre-eminent institution of the most of the societies and has an inevitable and indelible bearing on the personal lives of the individuals. At societal level both Marriage and family also connect closely with the economy and other processes, a view that evoke academic discourse among intellectual milieu. And scholars from varied disciplines, while have been researching on economic and societal changes at large, the pre and post marital issues have not been addressed suitably or received the scholarly attention they deserve to look through the present scenario of marriage system in India and offer some workable solutions.

As the modern societies are advancing the marriage affair between two individuals within families has now become a public domain. After the domestic violence act 498A the troubles associated with marriage which can be sorted at home amicably, started shifting from house to police stations. This kind of state intervention has become inevitable because of the increasing dowry deaths, abandonment of wife and children without giving financial security or social security, property rights, domestic violence, divorce and many other issues that triggered the intervention of the state and consequent laws and legislations and invariably certain welfare measures to strengthen marital rights and responsibilities. These welfare measures, laws and legislations however, also have helped a great deal to empower women in post marriage issues and help rebuild the family ties properly in many cases.