Parenting is a remarkable phase in one’s life and it is an enduring pleasure. Becoming a parent is a re-birth for both mothers and fathers. Parenting skills develop over time by learning and observing. Parents tend to learn and observe from their child’s development as well as their own. The needs of a child evolve as he/she grows. The needs of an infant are different from that of a preschool child and even that of a teenager. Hence parenting is a constantly changing role; so, parents should be able to understand these needs and adapt to them. A parent should support their child both as a family and a friend.

Our parent counselling sessions are aimed to be helpful for you to understand the needs of your children, adapting to a parenting role and build a good relationship with them. The counselling program will mainly focus on:

  • Adjusting to the fact that you have a new person to take care of now and giving equal importance to all your children.
  • Managing your time and emotions with your children.
  • How to behave with your children and around them?
  • Committing mistake is common for humans. Learn how to handle them when children commit one.
  • Common mistakes committed by parents.
  • How parents should help in the academic improvement of their children.
  • How can parents help their children in making friends?
  • Keeping children engaged with extracurricular activities.
  • Refrain children from using electronic gadgets, social media and internet.
  • Introduce all your family members and relatives to your children and encourage them to stay in touch.
  • Encourage children to get involved in social activities, help others, read books, watch movies and teach them not to be lazy.

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