An exclusive and personalized counselling services offered for those who value their privacy extremely and prefer not to walk in to a counselling center.
You & Me now offers two excusive VIP services in the following modes… 1.Premier Appointment  2. VIP services at door step.

  1. Premium Service – Where they will be available to clients at off office hours (that are from 10.30Am Till 06.00Pm), where the counselor shall be exclusively available for them with no wait time at our office. The timings shall be at 9AM, 06.00PM till 10.00PMand general and public holidays included.

Business Terms

  1. Appointments are fixed @ INR 5,000 transferred in advance and nonrefundable and forfeited in case of cancellation for any reason from client side (if it is informed 12 hours before it can rescheduled to other convenient time). Wherein if cancellation takes place from counselor side, the same shall be postponed to the nearest mutually agreeable date and time. These fees are exclusive and separate for each such an appointment that shall take place in the course of counseling initiation till conclusion.
  2. The counselor shall wait thirty minutes maximum as a grace and if client appearance is delayed beyond this, the appointment amount shall be forfeited and the counselor reserves the right to cancel the appointment.
  1. Counselling duration is generally limited to 60 minutes for which counselling fee shall be charged (Separate from appointment fee). If the same exceeds one hour… additional charges may apply… that shall be paid immediately at the end of counselling session through UPI or other credible means. Please note that extra fees are payable conclusively at the end of counselling sessions