Role Of Counseling By Using ‘NLP’ And ‘Self-Talk’ In Enhancing The Performance Of Low Self Esteem Players

In India the self-esteem of middle class and lower middle class children are drastically low due to socio, economic culture and parents grooming during the childhood. Majority of the players who come from this background whenever they are exposed to high economical group players they immediately show nervousness and withdrawal from the group. This is drastically influence the performance of the player during the competitions.

If the opponent player is socially well groomed with better self-esteem in any game then it creates a lot of stress unconscious comparison with him, this anxiety disturbs the concentration of the players due to low self-esteem, starts generating negative thoughts like “they are superior to me” “they have good training and good food” “good infrastructure they can do better than me” then this thoughts create a strong impression on physiology of the body and influences the motor activity of body, effects biochemical activity of the player and starts to respond to this negative belief and negative thoughts and prepares the body to loose the game. Apart from the talent, practice, skill and determination our observation suggests, counselling can help the players to enhance their performance in the competitions by changing the self-esteem from low to high by giving psycho education about the self-esteem and about himself making them to practice the NLP exercises and Alternate Empowering Auto Suggestions to overcome the negative thoughts. The study included 3 case studies of different player of different games, helping them with counselling sessions, training.

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