The development, progress and the future of any nation is dictated by its students. Well developed countries attribute their development to the students of their Nation. While fast developing countries such as India, China, Indonesia, Mexico etc., have some of the brightest minds, they tend to focus less on the mental health of these students.

What Ails Students ?

One in every five students are a victim of depression. Statistics show that majority of the percentage of the students are adolescents. While educational stress is one of the major stress point, Peer pressure, Parental pressure, pursuit of goals set by guardians and unhealthy lifestyle are among many other factors. Factors which are usually overlooked by many.

Students who participate in extracurriculars are also prone to mental illnesses as there exists tremendous pressure and increased expectations of their coaches, parents and fan bases. Expectations for them to outperform others. This could also drive them into performance anxiety.

What Can Be Done ?

There exist numerous ways of dealing with students and their psyche. It can be done by

  • Providing classes on various social and ethical issues to students
  • Providing academic as well as career oriented counselling to help students.
  • Engaging them in group activities.
  • Engaging them in one on one discussions and personal talks to analyze and chart their individual improvements
  • Recognition of students with special needs and allocating proper attention to them.
  • Early recognition of various problem statements and areas which need immediate attention
  • Periodic interaction with parents to discuss the mental development of their wards.
  • Working with teachers in helping proper mentoring for students.

How Does You N Me Deal With This ?

Dr Veerender has so far trained over 3,00,000 students, 50,000 teachers and 30,000 parents. His methods are warm, patient and are known to pique curiosity among students, teachers and parents alike. His non-threatening way of handling people of all ages, coupled with his unique out of the box approach make him ideal for student counselling.

Younme comes with an additional panel of skilled clinical psychologists for one on one counsellings and a panel of wise industry veterans in its advisory board.

Some of the issues faced by students are mentioned below:

Study Skillfulness

  • Preparing study schedules in available time, by prioritizing all important activities such as relaxing, entertainment, and recharging.
  • Techniques for preparing notes, effective listening of classes.
  • Identifying powerful study time on a given day, sleeping zones and night-maker and day maker.

Adapting To New Environment

Students are supposed to be proactive whenever they shift places, transfer schools/colleges by looking at the bright sides like making new friends, exposure, etc.

Career Guidance

  • Bringing out their best interest, passion and dream.
  • Help them realize it and device an action plan.

Goal Setting

  • Making aware of one’s weak points and strong points.
  • Introduction Multiple Intelligence.
  • Explanation of Long term, Middle term, Short term Plan.

Cognizance While Preparing For Competitive Exams

  • IIT
  • State and Central Exams, etc.

Creating awareness for students who deal with infatuation and relationships.

How To Deal With

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and other related issues

How To Overcome Phobias And The Fear Of Failure

  • Stage fear
  • Stress and
  • Pressure related issues, etc.

If you as an individual or as an institution would like to approach Dr. Veerender for his help in dealing with students and their psyche, fill out this form and the Younme team will contact you shortly.

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