A school or college is a temple where students learn subjects, make friends, gain knowledge, share information and also showcase their talent be it academics or extracurricular activities. An institution is a combination of students, teaching and non-teaching staff. A good institution only produces best students when it has smooth flow within its hierarchy. Management and teachers should be responsible to make a good atmosphere for students to bring out their best.

According to a report by UNESCO, 23% of school youth dropped out in 2016 all over India. When a student opts to drop a course midway institution also holds the responsibility for it in most of the cases and it is seen as the failure of that institution.

Nowadays, students are finding it difficult to cope up with the course even of their own domain and drop out midway because the course management is poor. And it is just one of the reasons why an institution fails. The other major problems faced by the institutions are failing to achieve enrolment target, recruiting wrong person for the job, lack of communication, managing classrooms and monitoring the students.

So, what are the problems that exist between the students and teachers of an institution?

Communication gap, unknown expectations, problems with comprehending, uninteresting classroom lessons and personality differences.

Individual one-on-one counselling is required for management staff and teachers because they both play a very different role in the institution. For an instance, management will be instructing teachers how things are to be done, whereas teachers will be the one who actually do it. In our one-on-one counselling sessions, we shall work on resolving those above-mentioned problems in order for the smooth conduct of the institution.

Few of the sample solutions could be,

  • To achieve enrolment targets, the ambience of the institution has to be attractive and it should have a strategic marketing plan.
  • The evaluation of teachers’ is required to make sure that the person is fit for the job and continuous progress is ensured.
  • A communication gap management should ensure that every information reaches everybody in the institution via notice board, circular, email or by announcing.
  • Classroom management is an art and it should be taught to teachers or recruit a person who has the potential and it can also be done by reducing the number of students in the classroom.

Intention of this one-on-one counselling will be,

For Management

  • How to be an effective Correspondent/Principal?
    By building a good rapport with teachers and students, by resolving their problems and by being a good leader.
  • How to come up with innovative ideas to connect with students’ psyche?
    By arranging brain-storming sessions, seminars and motivational talks.
  • How to look for expansion of any kind?
    Like infrastructure, extracurricular activities, organizing inter and intra school events, conducting sports day and annual day.

For Teachers

  • How to sharpen your teaching skills?
    By scheduling all the topics, updating yourself with the subject, knowing more than what is there in the book and learning more relevant examples.
  • How to be a successful teacher?
    Try to understand the need of every student, talk to students as much as possible, support their area of interest and help them achieve in that field.
  • How to become a more creative teacher?
    By showing videos relevant to the subject, conducting quiz programs and using placards.
  • How to implement teaching methodologies?
    By giving real-life examples, breaking down a difficult topic into small and understandable topics.
  • How to plan the lessons to teach it effectively?
    By realizing how much does it require to teach every topic in the chapter with practice tests and scheduling accordingly.
  • How to be a student counsellor?
    By understanding what are their difficulties at school, at home or outside, by being their friend and telling them to confront the difficulties with bravery.

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