Teenage Temptations

“Teenage Temptations” is a unique program started by Dr Veerender that concentrates particularly on the teenage age group. The program brings about awareness among teenagers, parents and also teachers in different institutions about the emotions that students of that age generally face in those years especially when it comes to love, attraction and friendship with the opposite sex. Teenage years can be fun. This is the time when they learn to take a step towards their own independence and meet a lot of new and different people. However, this is also a time where they may be vulnerable to various sources of danger. For a large and increasing number of teenagers, an unhealthy and sometimes even violent relationship with a person may be their everyday reality. Most of the times, they are unaware of what is happening to them and the consequences they may have to face later on. There may be a lot of confusion during this period of time. Every year, more and more students end up taking their lives due to misunderstandings in their relationships and low self-esteem. To avoid this from happening in our states, “Teenage Temptations” has been started to spread awareness and train students of this age to develop emotional skills that are necessary when judging situations concerning the opposite sex. This program is meant to build self-confidence in students and help them see into the future with hope. This program is unique by itself due to the fact that it has never been offered anywhere else in our state.

Promoted by the like minded , professionals, parents, sports persons, concerned people towards this society ,sphoorthy and YOUnME, of Hyderabad.


Hyderabad city and Andhra Pradesh must be free from the depressed youth due to love affairs and its consequences ( rejection , differences, conflicts or family opposition for any other reason). It must provide a high quality of life for the people living here. It will help in creating enough professionals to support the youth on this issues. To create a platform to make the people to understand emotions and give professional help to make their life lovable and peaceful. It works to make andrapradesha attack free state in the name of love and friendship on girls.

Teenage Awareness

To create an understanding about the healthy life and healthy relationships. celebrities , professionals, sociologists, elite of the society will present to show that we are all one in combating this problem. Giving professional help in understanding theemotions and the differences between the love, attraction and friendship.

Hyderabad Run

This creates a massive campaign about the we are all “against to the attacks on girls in the name of love” & “to create a confidence to all the people of this city , state and across the world”. This indicates the spirit of the people being together to face the problems. Thousand s of students will participate in this and give the message on peaceful living. It is the solidarity to people who are suffering from with this emotion. This is going to be a platform to express and solve their problems of teenage.

Essay Writing

This programme is exclusively to the students community , who are exactly suffering from this problem, who can’t raise their voice in the society ,this is the right platform to express their views to diffuse the problems raised due to the opposite sex attraction. They can suggest methods”how one can solve the disturbance in the society and methods for the peaceful and understanding love”. we believe , Students can understand this problem better than anybody and can give the better solutions for the better society.


This is the platform where, dynamic and intellectual students can raise their voice about the problems of this emotion, so that many students may get the inspiration to understand the emotions and feelings and the gravity about the issue, they may become the volunteers in helping the youth to solve the problems in coming days.

Short Films Competitions

Films are the best medium to express the feelings and observations effectively to the people. In order to bring the ongoing experiences in the society around them to make it accessible to everyone film media is more useful . creative, concerned and professionals students may take part and show their presentations and opinions in the films. For this any camera can be used even a cell phone camera can be used to present their thoughts.

Seminars And Workshops On Consequences Love

This is congregation of the intellectuals, experts, psychologists, sociologists, counselors meet together and present their observations and research results about the cause, solutions and issues. They may suggest the problems, issues and practical solutions, legal problems, and various other dimensions of the problem .This workshops will empower the parents, teachers and students. It provides the life time skills to empower the parents in making the better and lovable relationships with their kids at home.

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