One of major taboo that exists when it comes to psychological training is that it is always considered to impact only those who are underperforming or non-optimal at many instances. Be it students, professionals or teachers.

Rosie Chee, a blog contributor to bodybuilding(.)com claims that more than 50-70% of the coaches attribute that psychological skill training contribute to the overall success of an athlete. While this stays a fact, the number of students who had a positive impact due to apt psychological training is of the same magnitude. Teachers, Professionals and bureaucrats too display increased levels of productivity, optimism on subjecting them to structured psychological training.


Students have to understand the nuances and should be able to solve problems that exist in handling peer pressure, parental pressure, exams and goal settings. Efforts are established for students to understand, perceive and resolve these issues.

Training sessions for students will be focussed on the following aspects.

  • Effective Study Skills
  • How to think and lateral thinking skills
  • Concentration-Effective Tools
  • What is that holding you back?
  • Mind Management.
  • Sequence and consequence of love.
  • Dare to dream,Care to acheive


Teachers are a major impact not only on the academic development of a student, but also how they turn out to be a citizen. Training sessions shall focus on how efficient a teacher can connect, collaborate and teach their students.

Training sessions for teachers focus on the following.

  • Effective teaching skills
  • How to understand the students in class room
  • Thinking skills for teachers to develop the thinking skills to the students.

Corporate Professionals

Corporate employees who work for major or even minor MNCs are some of the most depressed individuals. Ranked only next to teenagers and students, deaths associated with stressed employees are rising on an alarming rate. Our trainings tend to focus on understanding what ails these individuals, how can we match their psyche, make them focus on the better sides, coping mechanisms etc. All of these are aimed to make a person feel empowered and better about themselves.

The following aspects are covered for Corporate training sessions.

  • Leadership and team building
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Conflict management
  • Time management
  • Stress management

Organisational And Management Trainings

Often than not, management is a bigger ball game which is often overlooked. Managers, supervisors and directors are burdened individuals who are always on a decision taking chair. Proper training and counselling to handle such pressures and burden shall impact the productivity of the organisation in a positive way. Trainings are not just confined for corporations or bureaucracies but also for institutions and other structured organisations.