VIP Home or choice place Visit – Where the counselor will be available at the private, safe and comfortable environs of your home, office of better environment, hotel, where you shall be at greatest comfort and information sharing shall be free flowing and unrestricted, there by resulting in lucidity and faster problem resolution.

Visit at chosen place – IF the client is yet reluctant either at home or counselor office, a third space chosen by client… Like Coffee Day or any other place where privacy and subdued harmony is not only ensured but respected – Except Bars & Restaurants of places where intoxicant liqueurs are served and consumedshall be honored by counselor

Timings: 9 AM to 8PM, one can book the hour slot through App:younme. Pay the required amount (10k).Give the specific address through WhatsApp. Then the confirmation message will come. The appointment will be always 24hours in advance.

Business Terms:

  1. Appointments are fixed @ INR 10,000 transferred in advance and nonrefundable and forfeited in case of cancellation for any reason from client side. Wherein if cancellation takes place from counselor side, the same shall be postponed to the nearest mutually agreeable date and time. These fees are exclusive and separate for each such an appointment that shall take place in the course of counseling initiation till conclusion.
  2. The above appointment obligation is subjected within the perimeter of Hyderabad city limits of 15km.from You & Me main office, defined areas(as per you&me limitations). Any distance beyond the same may attract a different appointment fee structure depending on distance and time spent in travelling. Whether they attend the call is totally the discretion of the you&Me.
  3. The counselor shall wait only 30 minutes maximum as a grace and if client appearance is delayed beyond this, the appointment amount shall be forfeited and the counselor reserves the right to leave the client premise.
  4. A confidentiality agreement shall be signed between both the client and counselor that clearly indicates the roles and responsibilities of either parties that are to be scrupulously and ethically honored, after appointment fee is paid.
  5. Certain amount of mandatory and desired personal information is sought in writing from client that shall become foundation for the case diagnostic process and subsequent case history, over which the client is requested to provide maximum possible information with honesty, clarity and confidence. The provided information shall be protected under doctor patient confidentiality
  6. Counselling duration is generally limited to 60 minutes (extra Rs.2000 for more than 60 minutes). If the same exceeds one hour… additional charges may apply… that shall be paid immediately before the counselling session through UPI or other credible means. Please note that extra fees must be payable conclusively at before the counselling sessions
  7. Depending on need, an additional counseling session becomes mandatory to your immediately connected family members like Mother / Father / Spouse who influence your mental wellness integrity… in which case, additional counseling charges shall be levied (per head) and are payable that shall be paid immediately before the counselling session through UPI or other credible means. Please note that all extra fees are payable conclusively before the counselling sessions
  8. The documentation that is employed for diagnostic purposes shall be collected at client premise either on hard copies or softcopies depending on the need and situation. The observational information collected through these documents shall have to be submitted to the counselor for building case history and diagnosing shall become tools for mitigating or alleviating the shared psychological issues.
  9. The safety of both client and the visiting counselor is extremely important and shall be ensured by both parties before, during and after the counseling. It is hence agreed that the involving parties honor this clause with utmost seriousness
  10. This transaction and help will not eligible for any legal process. We don’t give any certificate for any legal transactions.